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[[Publications]] | [[Events]] | [[Articles]] | [[Gallery]] | [[Chants]] | [[Teachers|Graduates/Teachers 200 Hr]] | [[Teachers 100 Hr|Graduates/Teachers 100 Hr]] | [[Past Events]] | [[Syllabus Teacher Training 100 Hr]] | [[Syllabus Teacher Training 200 Hr]] | [https://groups.google.com/group/vinyasa-krama-announce?hl=en Newsletter]| [[https://www.facebook.com/ramaswami.srivatsa Facebook]]
== '''SRIVATSA RAMASWAMI’S 200 Hour Vinyasakrama Yoga Program—Registered with Yoga Alliance''' ==
== '''SRIVATSA RAMASWAMI’S 200 Hour Vinyasakrama Yoga Program—Registered with Yoga Alliance''' ==

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Publications | Events | Articles | Gallery | Chants | Graduates/Teachers 200 Hr | Graduates/Teachers 100 Hr | Past Events | Syllabus Teacher Training 100 Hr | Syllabus Teacher Training 200 Hr | Newsletter| [Facebook]

SRIVATSA RAMASWAMI’S 200 Hour Vinyasakrama Yoga Program—Registered with Yoga Alliance

I. Complete Vinyasa Krama Asanas : In this program about 700 Vinyasas woven around several classical postures will be taught in 10 major sequences. Emphasis will also be placed on breath synchronization with the movements so important to Krishnamacharya’s krama or method. Total instruction 60 Hrs

II. Visesha Vinyasa and Viyasakrama : In this practicum, Speacial Vinyasa sequences, like several Sun Salutation methods and other unique sequences will be taught. Adapting Hatha Yoga to individual needs and developing a sustainable, progressive personal yoga practice will also be discussed. Instruction 20 Hrs

III. Pranayama Methods: In this course several Pranayama methods including Nadi Sodhana, Anuloma, Pratiloma, Viloma Ujjayi, Kapalabhati and Bhastrika and Pranayama with mantras will be taught in detail. Several textual references from Hathayoga Pradipika, Yoga Yagnyavalkya and Yoga Upanishads also will be discussed. Also teaching methods of Pranayama. Total Instruction 20 Hrs

IV. Mantras and Meditation: In this program, Mantras as a means of developing the mind towards meditation will be discussed and taught. Several classical mantras including Pranava (Om), Gayatri, Sanskrit alphabets (matruka) mantras will be taught. Introduction to vedic mantras. Total Instruction 20 Hrs

V. Sri T Krishnamacharya’s Works: Even as Sri Krishnamacharya is well known, his works which contain some of his great insights to Yoga are not yet well known. One way to study the Master’s wisdom will be to study his works. In this program, some of his important works especially Yoga Rahasya will be gone through in detail. Yoga Makaranda and his work on Yoga Sutras will also form part of the study. Total Instruction 20 Hrs

VI. Raja Yoga (Yoga Sutra) Studies: Traditionally Yoga Sutras have been the Yogi’s Bible. Sri Krishnamacharya would exhort his students to eschew any practice that may violate or is inconsistent with the teachings and thought process of the Yoga Sutras. It is incumbent on all committed Yogis to take a serious and depth look at the Sutras. In this course all the sutras will be taught with the sutra meaning. Total Instruction 20 Hrs

VII. Yoga for the Internal Organs: In this program, emphasis will be placed on a proper assessment of available yoga techniques to impart health to different parts of the body, especially the internal organs, called the kosas, as the heart (hrdaya kosa), lungs (svasa kosa), stomach (anna kosa) and others . Total Instruction 10 Hrs

VIII. Yoga Business and Teaching Methodology: Practical information on how to get a website, start a newsletter and generate word of mouth will be provided. In the second part of this course methods of teaching different aspects of yoga like asanas, pranayama, meditation, and texts to different groups of people(all ages) will be covered. Total Instruction 10 Hrs

IX. Chanting Yoga Sutras and Subtle Anatomy: This course contains two seperate segments. In the first, participants will be taught the methodology of chanting the Yoga Sutras. Practice of chanting several sutras using the conventional method of "chandas". Total Instruction 10 Hrs

X. Anatomy and Physiology: The class will take an overview of the major bones and muscles of the body. We will look at their location and function and specifically how they can be utilized in various yoga postures. Total Instruction 10 Hrs